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Defend your business against the latest cyber threats.
We use our knowledge + AI to identify new threats.

Who we are

We are X2S, Consulting and Solution Integrator, Specialized in Cybersecurity and Technological Data Protection with more than 10 years in the market.

We were born from the passion of executives from Rio de Janeiro, passionate about technology and cybersecurity, with experience in some Multinationals and Main Consultancies in the National Market.

We live in a world where the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and new threats emerge every day, X2S makes enterprise-grade cybersecurity accessible to businesses of all sizes. We have a simpler and more agile way of bringing technology to companies, always focusing on strict security standards with the speed required for today’s business.

Cyber Security Solutions


We simulate the action of malicious attackers and apply the knowledge of our own offensive techniques, evaluating the internal and external network infrastructure, services, WEB applications and mobile applications.

Risk Analysis

Cybersecurity Assessment provides an overview of the security infrastructure, examines all security controls and how they address known vulnerabilities.

Threat Intelligence

To combat malicious agents, we use our own techniques that go beyond perimeter security, applications or information systems. We perform a continuous work of discovery and analysis of new tactics, techniques and procedures used by criminals.

Analysis & Vulnerability Management

Analysis of information on the conditions of equipment and systems, comparing with known vulnerabilities. After evaluating the systems and assets, we present the evidence of each vulnerability found, and the ways to correct them.

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Where are we
Av Rio Branco, 115 / 20° andar Centro – Rio de Janeiro. 20040-004

+55 (21) 3983-2406

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